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This program focuses on the fact that ecosystems in Uganda are increasingly being threatened by the discovery and exploitation of oil and gas in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in Uganda and Africa at large (The Albertine Graben).

The oil discovery has negatively impacted even those areas that are protected by environmental laws and policies of Uganda. Statistics from the state of environment report Uganda indicate that Wetland and forest losses are higher in the lake basin area than national averages. On average over 75% of wetlands are considered significantly damaged already, while the loss of forest cover is running at 1.7% annually at the national level.

in Aquatic ecosystems, more than 200 species of fish are already extinct and others, critically endangered, survive only along lake margins and in peripheral lakes.

The progressive, systematic and induced unsustainable management of fragile ecosystems accelerated now by the discovery of oil and gas has caused declining resource productivity and resilience, resource scarcities, inequitable access that breeds conflicts, population displacements and worsen human vulnerability.

This program therefore focuses on enhancing land productivity, reducing poverty and enhancing the quality of life for resource-dependent farmers, pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and fisher-folk.