Who we are

The Environment Governance Institute (EGI) is a not-for-profit non-government organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of environment natural resources in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region. Based in Kampala-Uganda, the organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts to promote equitable utilization and the sustainable governance of natural resources for socio-economic development. Through lobbying, research and community education, EGI work with communities and leaders to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a way that promotes equity, gender responsive, environmental conservation and respect for human rights. EGI boost on a wealth of experience of projects and programs implemented around cattle corridors of greater Karamoja region, Teso Sub-region and in the Albertine graben western Uganda and among other areas with generous support from national and international donors . EGI focuses on promoting environmental conservation , climate change adaptations and mitigation, and ecosystem management and restoration. EGI also believes in a future free of fossil fuels and aligned with the global climate change targets and thus works to promotes Just Energy Transition in Uganda and Great lakes Region


EGI Management Structure